The 12 was nominated for 3 Henry Awards. Established in 2006, the Henry Awards honor outstanding achievements during the past theatre season in Colorado. Nominations are determined through a judging process conducted by more than 45 statewide theatre reporters, educators and assigned judges.  The 12 was nominated for:

Outstanding Production of a Musical

Outstanding New Play or Musical

Outstanding Lighting Design

The Henry Awards will take place Monday, July 20th.

All the Way In Zach Theatre's staging of this epic political drama about LBJ, the fight for civil rights feels particularly urgent

"Is this America?" asks the woman, her voice ablaze with disbelief and outrage. To read more, click here.

Review: Robert Schenkkan’s “All the Way” an epic play about LBJ

The DCPA Theatre Company Adds Additional Tickets for THE 12, 4/22-26

The DCPA Theatre Company announced today that they will open up additional seating during the final performances of The 12 to fulfill audience demand. To read more, click here.

The Way Home Zach Theatre gives Robert Schenkkan's All the Way its Texas premiere on LBJ's home turf

When All the Way opened at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in July 2012, the play's future was anybody's guess. Would any theatre besides this immense repertory company be willing to mount a political drama requiring 17 actors and running nearly three hours? Was there even a remote chance that such a show could have commercial prospects? No one knew. The only thing about All the Way's life after OSF that seemed certain – indeed, seemed downright inevitable – was that it would be produced in Austin. To read more, click here.

"The 12" Review. Vivid Imagining of Disciples' Human Moments After Christ's Death

Something visceral and vivid is taking place at the Denver Center, where the musical "The 12" is receiving its world premiere. Robert Schenkkan wrote the book and Neil Berg the music. The two share credit for the lyrics of this boldly compassionate work that imagines the disciples' very human angst in the hours after their teacher was executed. To read more, click here.

Review: Denver Center closes out season with riveting rock musical 'The 12'

"The Denver Center for Performing Arts closed out its Theatre Company’s 2014/15 season with a world premiere of a rock musical The 12 that opened April 3 at The Stage Theatre.

The 12 is an original contemporary telling of what might have happened with the 12 disciples of Jesus during the three days following his death and the time of his resurrection.

Imagine you had left your life and career to dedicate yourself to a cause. To follow a charismatic leader who you loved and trusted. To believe together you could effect change for the greater good.

And then your leader was captured, tortured and executed." To read more, click here.

Denver Center closes out season with riveting rock musical 'The 12'

"The Denver Center for Performing Arts closed out its Theatre Company’s 2014/15 season with a world premiere of a rock musical The 12 that opened April 3 at The Stage Theatre." To read more, click here.

Opening Night of THE 12

I thought writing plays was hard. And then I wrote a musical.

Tonight, THE 12 opens at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. My collaborator (Neil Berg, Music and co-lyrics) and I have been working on this for seven years. THE 12 has been workshopped in Manhattan at the China Club (twice), BB King’s in Times Square, the Signature Theater, across the river at the Riverdale Performance Center, at St. Joe’s High School in New Jersey, and in Ft. Lauderdale at the Broward Center. We were scheduled to have our premiere at the San Jose Rep and hired designers and begun casting when SJR suddenly announced they were bankrupt. At that point I gave the script to Doug Langworthy, Lit Manager at DCPA, and he showed it Kent Thompson who was looking for “something unusual…” And here we are.

I have wrestled with my own ambivalence about this musical for many years mostly because it reflects my own profound spiritual ambivalence. Belief has always seemed to me to an intensely private issue, which is probably why I belong in the Groucho Marx category, “I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member.” And yet here I’ve written a musical about it. If we have succeeded it’s because THE 12 focuses on something everyone has shared at one time or another,  the very human experience of a “Dark Night of the Soul” -  that moment when the idea, movement, cause, or relationship into which you have put everything, fails completely. How do you go forward after that? There are no Big Miracles here. Just the small daily miracle where we rise up – flawed, flailing, failing – and determine, once again, to try to be more compassionate, a little braver about speaking up against injustice, and above all, more loving. That, it seems to me, is worth singing about.

See you at the Opening.

Playwright Robert Schenkkan's epic leap back from LBJ to "The 12"

"They rode into town to clamoring crowds and shouts of hosannas, to palm fronds lofted. Actually, it was the Nazarene who rode. And he was famously seated on the humblest of steeds, a donkey. But nearly two millennia before a rock opera bearing his name opened on Broadway or "Godspell" begat Top 100 hit single "Day by Day," Jesus Christ and his disciples arrived in Jerusalem like a rock star and his entourage." To read more, click here.