Hot ticket: Seattle Rep adds a performance of ‘All the Way’

Due to popular demand, Seattle Repertory Theatre has added a New Year’s Eve performance of “All the Way,” the first installment in Robert Schenkkan’s two-part drama about the tumultuous presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson. To read more, click here.

Seattle Rep's ALL THE WAY Becomes Highest-Grossing Show in Organization's History

Robert Schenkkan's political drama All the Way has become the highest-grossing production in Seattle Repertory Theatre history, surpassing Lily Tomlin's The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe and Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. The play is currently running now through Jan. 4, 2015 in the Bagley Wright Theatre. All the Way is presented in partnership with Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). To read more, click here.

The Best Presidents Are the Worst People

Lyndon Johnson was a huge asshole. He invaded everyone’s personal space—if he wanted something from you, he would put his hand inside your suit jacket and roam around in there while his face would hover a lick’s distance from your cheek and his other hand would rub your shoulders or tug on your earlobe or squeeze other body parts. The discomfort was like a drug to him. The petty power games he played with everyone in his orbit ranged from the subtle (he’d never give a compliment without following it with a little personal barb) to the loud and clear (he would demand that reporters and legislators stand in the bathroom and talk to him while he was taking a shit). He bought an amphibious car seemingly just for the sake of a repeated prank: When an unwitting rube was sitting in the passenger seat, Johnson would pretend to lose control of the car and drive straight into a body of water, just to watch the fear on his passenger’s face and then laugh at their confusion when the car gracefully floated along the water. To read more, click here.

Lyndon Johnson Rises Once More at Seattle Rep

Politics is a dirty game and nobody played it better or dirtier than Lyndon Johnson. His results were staggering, both as Senate Majority Leader and then as “accidental President” (his term). He maneuvered into being two Civil Rights Acts, the Voting Rights Act, Head Start, Medicare, Medicaid and the Clean Air Act, plus many other landmark programs,  through ferocious willpower and blunt force. To read more, click here.

Seattle Rep Goes 'All the Way' with LBJ

“‘Politics is war by other means.’ Bullshit. Politics is war. Period.”

Lyndon Baines Johnson (Jack Willis) pointedly delivers this salvo to open the second act of Seattle Repertory Theatre’s production of All the Way. By this point LBJ has already won his battle, passing the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. But the larger war might be lost, as the political contortions required to make the bill a reality took a toll not only on LBJ, but the core of the Democratic Party. The resulting drama adds a taut tension, whether real or merely internally perceived, to the Texan’s quest to go from “accidental president” after John F. Kennedy’s assassination to elected Commander in Chief in 1964. To read more, click here.

All the Way: The LBJ Stage Saga Is a Balm for Beleaguered Liberals

One is hard-pressed to imagine a more productive presidency than Lyndon B. Johnson’s, yet how rarely does one imagine it today. Launched into office on November 22, 1963, with the brain stains still wet on Jackie Kennedy’s pink Chanel suit, LBJ would make landmark gains in civil rights, antipoverty programs, Medicare, immigration, and environmental protection. Yet because Johnson embroiled the nation in the Vietnam War, those accomplishments have often been eclipsed from posterity. Until now. To read more, click here.


Electrifying! That’s what “All the Way” is, simply electrifying. It’s all about Lyndon Johnson in his early years as President. He’s shown as a whirling dervish with a will of iron. a man of enormous compassion for underdogs and a political manipulator and bully capable of almost anything to gain the oppressed their rights. To read more, click here.

Lyndon Johnson Rises Once More at Seattle Rep!

Politics is a dirty game and nobody played it better or dirtier than Lyndon Johnson. His results were staggering, both as Senate Majority Leader and then as “accidental President” (his term). To read more, click here.

BWW Reviews: Seattle Rep Goes ALL THE WAY With a Stunner

m just going to stop you right here, Dear Reader. If you haven't already gone out and got your tickets for the Seattle Rep's production of Robert Schenkkan's "All the Way" then just stop reading this and go take care of that. I'll wait. Done? OK, now we can continue to talk about this juggernaut of a play that has completely lived up to all the hype that preceded it and more. To read more, click here.

Telling big stories on the big stage | An interview with Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan

Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan has had a long and distinguished career in theatre, TV and film. And at 61 he’s not slowing down one bit. To read more, click here.