Final Passages

Cast Size: 

6 M, 1 W


In 1878, while sailing off the coast of Nova Scotia, the Elizabeth Watson sights the San Cristobal, apparently abandoned. However, when the boarding party investigates, they find the San Cristobal’s cargo intact – and they find the remains of the ship’s crew and passengers. The only clue to the mystery is a diary, apparently scrawled by a cabin boy. What happened on the last voyage of the San Cristobal? And what is happening aboard the Elizabeth Watson now? A compelling ghost story about love, betrayal, madness…and revenge.

Production History: 

FINAL PASSAGES had its world premier, under the title, DERELICT, at the Studio Arena Theatre (David Frank, Artistic Director) in Buffalo, NY. It was directed by A.J. Antoon; the set and lighting designes were by Quentin Thomas; the costume design was by Robert Morgan; the sound design by Robert Menke; the music by Stuart Shepard, based on a theme by r. Yardumian.

The cast included:
Evan Handler, Robert Darnell, Everett Ensley, Sharon Laughlin, Fritz Sperberg, William Cain, Gerald Halter, Eugene Key, Dan Oreskes, Ronald O.J. Parson, Robert J. Paul, Tod Wheeler.